Laura an Illustrator and Kev an Architectural Technologist, share a flat, in a converted mill in Stockport. This is the first bedroom I have documented using illustration. Very fitting as some of my earliest influences are illustrations: ..//Doc.1 The fairy-tale quality of Laura’s drawings made her the ideal person for the job, and thankfully she was kind enough to lend her magic hand. Abstract as they are, I like that you can see 'mill like' references in the work, particularly with the bare brick and high arched windows. 
I asked them both… If the bedroom was on fire, what one item would they save?…
Laura, "I would save Kev, I’m nice like that. And if he weren’t there, I would save my vintage, polka dot dress that belonged to my best friend Adele."
Kev, "My bottles of Borolo and Gigondas from the bottom of the wardrobe."