B rowsing the net for some boho inspiration, I came across FCLStyle. They are an online boutique of home decor and furnishings and they separate their items by lifestyle. Bohemian, Classique, Creme Fraiche, Country Chic and Nauturelle. They have some incredible pieces that I think would work beautifully with a bohemian decor and aesthetic. Can't afford one of these beauties (like me)?? Draw inspiration from them and create something fabulous yourself! After all, isn't that what a bohemian at heart does? : )

I hope everyone's week is going wonderfully. My little brother gets married this Saturday. No worries, he's not so little anymore! He's 25 now! So, with weddings also come many reunions with family and friends we haven't seen in ages! It's all quite exciting! What I'm most excited about? Seeing my sister again! : ) She moved to Chicago (lucky dog!) over a year ago, so I lost my shopping partner. : ( It's been hard to not have someone to just call and go out with on a whim, ya know? But, at least she comes down every now and again and we get to hang. I'll be re-uniting with a ton of other family members as well. Even some my husband hasn't met yet. I better prepare him! We've got some serious characters in the mix!!! Okay... I'm rambling now. I'm just really looking forward to all the festivities that come along with weddings. I love weddings! Especially since this is a special one. My little bro. : ( Makes me kinda sad. He's all grown up. : ( Wow. How time flies.

Happy Decorating!


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