I 've been reading about Liberty of London for Target in all the major design blogs lately. But, I wanted to check it out for myself first before ranting and raving about it here. So, I walked into Target last night and it was absolute heaven the second I walked through the double doors! It felt like boho chic heaven. I first saw their scarves and hand bags. Um... awesome! I want to buy a couple of those scarves and use them as runners on the dining table or the dresser. Absolutely mega cool! But, as I continued to walk around I was smiling from ear to ear admiring the women's clothes and the children's clothes. Soooooo cute! In fact, who says you have to wear them? The fabric is phenomenal! You can use it to create some pretty nifty projects! : ) Then I hit the home decor section! Whoa!!! Those lamp shades are to die for!! At $17.99??? Can't beat it! The pillows, picture frames, piggy banks... my, oh my! They seem to have taken over Target! I'm not even kidding. There's bedding, kitchen canisters, dishware and even candles and stationary! Amazing!! I couldn't get enough! Their aesthetic is bohemian chic and can blend in quite well with a modern decor. You have got to stop by your nearest Target and check this brand out! It's a blast just looking at it!
Sorry about missing Etsy Tuesday yesterday and being late today! I've been playing nurse this week, so I've been just a tad off my game. Monday I baby sat my godson because his parents were pretty ill and my hubby had oral surgery today and I've been tending to him all day. Even closed the shop and all. But, I don't mind. : ) Family always comes first!! : ) I knew you'd understand!!! : ) I hope you are all having a fantastic week thus far!
My husband is napping... so I think I'll catch up on my Desperate Housewives before I wake him for another one of his pain meds!! Toodles!
Happy Decorating!

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