1950s GE Working Refrigerator - $350
Shabby Chic Windsor Chair - $48
Floor Lamp - $125
Vintage Shop Window Mannequin - $65
1940s Mink Stole with pockets - $125

Stackable School Chairs - $68/each

Shabby Chic Windsor Chairs - $48

Fiberglass Bucket Chair Stool - $125

s I sat in my shop this morning thinking that the shop was looking a tad bare (we sold a bunch this past week), two blessings from up above walked in! One is an art director for places like Target! The other? Set decorator for Home Shopping Network. They were getting rid of some stuff and were wondering if I'd be interested at taking a peek before their garage sale this weekend. Um.... yeah! I couldn't get my keys fast enough! What? Where? 2 hours and a depletion of my wallet later, I came back to my shop with a bunch of goodies! Yay us! And yay you! Because it's now all for sale! There's more than what I've shown here... so, stop in if you're in the area!! : ) Otherwise, enjoy your weekend. May it be absolutely lovely. : )
Happy Decorating!

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