Today marks our shop's 2nd birthday! Yay us! It was on this day in 2008 that I was perusing and decided to open up a little online boutique of my own! I'd worked for a little antiques shop in Tampa for a few months and realized that I truly enjoyed it. It was so much fun! So, I figured "Hey! I can do this!" I had already been authoring the blog for a couple of months, so it just seemed like a natural progression... : ) Now, here we are! Bohemian Vintage is now a two person business (my husband, Bill, and I) and a brick and mortar shop in South Tampa! Amazing how fast time flies and how much happens in between! : ) Thank you to all our customers!! We truly love you!!! : )

Luke wishes us a Happy Birthday. How sweet of him. : )

Cocoa and Chloe threw a party behind our backs. Sneaky little fur balls!

will announce the winner of our Birthday Raffle tomorrow, right here! Stay tuned!! : ) The winner will receive a $25 gift card to our shop! Yay you! : ) If you haven't entered yet, just click here and join our Facebook fan page! You'll automatically be entered in the raffle!! : )
Happy Decorating!

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