My friend Carol, American by birth, Australian by choice, has this amazing bit of kitsch in her kitschen (groan, sorry).  It grows stuff called chia, which looks ludicrously healthy, and I really want one. No disrespect to Barack, no not at all...that man is, well, hopeful. And the ObamaChia is just plain cool. he is a little earlier with a slightly shorter fro...a strangely disturbing resemblance to Chairman Mao's coiffure at this stage methinks. 

...and Carol also alerted me to this piece of glorious americana

...then broke my heart by telling me that the Chia Liberty can't be imported into Australia because of the chia seeds and our quarantine laws saying no, no, no (not that I'm complaining about the law mind you, but I soooo wanted one). So if you're heading off to the U.S. can you get one, but just remember to take out the seeds before you bring it on home to me.