I 've been on the hunt for mid-century dining chairs for a few months now. Because of their ever growing popularity, they're getting harder and harder to find for a good price. So, today I'm feeling a tad stoked cause I have an appointment at 3 o'clock to go check out a set of 4 chairs that I think will go perfect with the mid-century dining table that I have in my shop!! Yay!!! Finally! I hope they're awesome in person!!!

The beauty of a mid-century style dining decor is that the chairs can be a different color than the table or have a funky up-holstery and still look absolutely awesome!! As you can see, all the chairs I've posted above are unique in their style, but still carry a similar aesthetic. They're slim, simple and minimal in their look. That's what mid-century is all about. Color is also very important...even if it is a stark white. It excites the eye and breaks up the monotony of having a single color or color family in a room. So, focus on your dining room today! What can you do to make it look as fabulous as you can? New chairs (vintage, of course)... a piece of art.... a new buffet table?? Hmnnnn??

Okay! I have to get my little tush ready to head on out! I'm thrilled!! I'll post some photographs if I end up getting them! I kinda want to keep them, actually. But, I can't. No.... bad Mina! Bad!

Happy Decorating!

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