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ottery is one of those things that often gets overlooked. I personally think it's beautiful. Mid-Century pottery came in a variety of colors and designs. Having a collection increases its impact in a room. It's even better when you group them by color. You won't normally find an entire collection ready for purchase. Most people look around for some time, while adding to their pottery collection. I think that's the fun part, actually. I love the hunt and the find! So exciting!! Another type of mid-century pottery to keep your eye out for? Ashtrays. Ashtrays are becoming hot again for collectors. Not to store ashes... but as simple works of art. So... get out there and pick up some mid-century pottery. Be it a vase, a lamp base, ashtrays, dishes, etc... You are sure to go home with a big smile! : ) I hope you all have an outstanding week ahead. I know Mondays can be a bit blah, but I try to see them as a new beginning. : ) It's also the day when "The Bachelor" is on. I know... how lame am I for watching that show? Seriously. I can't help it though... it's like a train wreck. I find myself rubber necking and not able to stop watching. Yikes! Until tomorrow all!
Happy Decorating!

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