Kathryn a Personal Assistant and Dom a Café manager live in a classic, northern, terraced house in Stockport. The place smacks of an old Lowry painting. The small streets filled with dark, red brick buildings and the occasional plume of smoke disappears from chimneys, into the sky. 
I enter their house and in the words of a young Tracey Barlow ‘leave me alone, I’m going up stairs to listen to me tapes’…  So I climb the steep Victorian stairs, reach their bright little bedroom and grab myself a bit of northern pie.
…I asked them both “If the bedroom was on fire, what one item would you save?”… Kathryn did the talking and said – I’d take the box of photographs from under the bed because they go way back, not just my family and friends but Dom’s too. Then Dom would follow me out with all my jewellery.