Zenith TV Set by Johnny Vintage - $475

Retro Sofa by The Vintage Supply Co. - $950

Mid-Century Chairs by Rhan - $160

Industrial Desk by Daily Memorandum - $400

Vintage Chips Clipper by Bohemian Vintage - $52
uesdays are never the most exciting days for me, but today I felt giddy and happy when I found these awesome items on Etsy. That desk??!! That TV!!!! Wow! So, thank you for brightening up my day there fellow Etsyers!! Saaaweeeet! : ) It has been a good day, though. Thank goodness. I didn't rest up much on my day off yesterday, since I actually went on a 2 hour drive for some mid-century dining chairs I picked up for the store. : ) But, I at least managed to sit down last night and watch The Bachelor: The Women Tell All. Now... fellow Bachelor watchers... question: Was Jake totally giving Ali "the I'm totally in love with you look" or what??? My bet is that he picks Vienna in the end, he doesn't propose to her and they're broken up by now. He won't go after Ali because she'll probably be the next Bachelorette and he's too insecure to give it another shot. What do you say?? Okay! Totally not talking about decorating here. Sorry! : ) Until tomorrow all!!
Happy Decorating!

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