Stool by Dottie Angel - $92

Psychadelic Canvas Suitcase by Hard Core Candy - $27

Hand Painted Bells by Vintage Avocado - $12

Vintage Floral Dress by Hell Cat Vintage - $9.99

Vintage Plaques by Bohemian Vintage - $28

D id you all hear the latest on fashion? Florals are all the rage again come spring. It's like a trip back through 1980s hell, right? But... not so fast. Florals can actually be quite beautiful and fun, if you can appreciate the pattern properly. It is spring, after all. Flowers rule at that time of the year, right? So, we'll just give them some love and support. What do you say? The bohemian style is all about being the "flower" child. So, it just fits perfectly with the bohemian style. Today's etsy finds all scream bohemian flower child. Love it! I hope you enjoyed the picks! If you're in town, stop by and get something awesome! Otherwise, browse the new etsy shop! Mention this post and receive 15% off your online purchase. Just let me know before you order it, so I can adjust the price for ya! Happy Tuesday all! I think I'm in the mood for something floral... hmnnn...
Happy Decorating!

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