You can't have a bohemian style abode without incorporating color into the mix. It's an essential element of the look. Now, some of the rooms you see here might be just a bit much for some of you. Even I, have a limit on the amount of color I want to incorporate... and that's okay. I mean, there is such a thing as going over board. I've seen rooms with so much color it would make your head spin and wonder if you just popped in some acid. So, as with anything else in decorating, moderation is key. But, if color is something you absolutely LOVE, then go crazy. That's fine too. The beauty of decorating in the bohemian style, is that the person using the space is really the guide for how the space turns out. It's an outwards reflection of yourself! A beautiful thing. Well, I must get back to work now kids. It's dreary and rainy and miserable outside... but I must remain positive and smile. I have my love and my health. What else could I possibly ask for? : )
Happy Decorating!
All of these fabulous photos were found in the Hidden In France Flickr page. I love Flickr for finding inspiration!

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