I 'll admit... I have a bit of a soft spot for old chairs. I see them sitting there at the thrift store or garage sale and they look so lonely and cute. Just because there's no matching partner doesn't mean Mr. Chair need die alone in a junk yard somewhere. Nooooo Nelly. This little chair is coming home with me! : ) Give it a little paint job, leave it all chippy and derelict... if it looks cool, then it just looks cool. Leave its personality intact. Old chairs make great desk chairs or guest chairs. What is a bohemian abode without an old chair. New is soooo yesterday people! Come on! In fact, if you walk into shops like Anthropologie and Pier 1, they're reproducing chairs made to look old! So, go for the real thing and spend a fraction of the price. Bohemians are smart shoppers. They see the beauty in the mundane and un-noticed and they make it into something beautiful. So, if you don't have an old chair already... get one! We've got a couple at my shop that I just loooooove. But, I am trying to make a living here folks! So, I can't keep them. Darn. So sad. Oh well... my depression is your treasure waiting to be discovered. Wait... that sounded really weird and dysfunctional. Okay... that's enough! : ) Have a happy, happy Wednesday!
Happy Decorating!

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