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T ravel was an important aspect of the bohemian and gypsy life. Now a days, however, modern bohemians are a little bit more rooted. Not all, mind you... but a few. Modern day bohemians tend to demonstrate their bohemian values through their artwork, conscious shopping, eco-friendly lifestyle, creative living, etc... One way bohemians show their creativity is through the decor of their abode. Suitcases do a wonderful job of bringing that bohemian nostalgia in and of being functional. They can store items you wouldn't normally use on a daily basis (photographs, blankets, linens, etc...) and then be stacked one atop another to create a wonderful table. I felt inspired today and re-created this in my shop. I love it! I put a rotary phone on top and voila! Instant gossip zone! Sweeeet! I want to take it home! But, I'll be responsible. : ( Until tomorrow!!
Happy Decorating!

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