Vintage Poncho - $35

Vintage, Shabby Chic Table on Wheels - $150

Antique Desk from the Biltmore Hotel in Clearwater, FL - $225

Chair Re-Upholstered in Ikea Fabric - $75

Old, Medicine Cabinet - $95

1960s Pole Lamp - $95
H ello all! Here are some photographs of the newbies we've gotten in the shop. Of course, we're working on getting a lot more goodies in within the next month or two. So, I'm excited to see what new treasures we discover out in our little hunts. It's probably a good thing that our house is under renovation and we're in a temporary dwelling, because otherwise, we'd be taking everything home! Well, not me... but my husband would. He falls in love with a lot of stuff and I always have to yank his kong-fu grip away from them to sell them. Boy oh boy... I hope all of you have an awesome weekend!! The weather around here is pretty grim. : ( Kinda depressing... but, hopefully it will be better by tomorrow. I've got my fingers crossed. I'll be heading over to a pretty nifty crafters market on Sunday and I'm excited to see some of the work by local artists. That's always refreshing. : ) Okay... now I'm just rambling.
Happy Decorating!

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