Teal school chairs - $35 each or $60/pair

1920s dresser - $198

Enamel and copper top Portuguese canisters - $75/set

Vintage oscillating fan in working condition - $95

1960's Danish Modern Emalox Set (1 large, 4 small bowls and 6 mini dishes) - Still researching price. Will be up on the etsy shop soon! : )
ust a simple warning... I slept about 3 hours last night. So, really, I haven't rested in over 24 hours. My oh my... I'm exhausted. I had a rough week... but, I'm holding my head up high and moving forward. Thankfully, I found some pretty nifty stuff for you all to feast your eyes on... and hopefully purchase. : ) I spent all day long re-arranging my shop today. Hard work, let me tell ya! But, my goal is to make it the most positive shopping experience possible for you all. Really. I just want to say thank you to all of you who've been loyal readers of the blog and shoppers at the boutique. It means a lot to me. To the nay sayers: warning... Bohemian Vintage is going to leave all of you in the dust!! : ) He he he!!! We're going global! Wait! We already have! I sold a bird cage to a lady in Japan the other day! So there!!! (tounge sticking out). : p Okay... enough of my rant! Have a fabulous weekend my dear bloggy blog friends. We shall meet again on Monday. : )
Happy Decorating!

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