I am an etsy novice so imagine my delight when having ordered something on-line it arrived around 10 days later from the other side of the world...where exactly in the States is Raleigh NC anyway? (it's ok, don't panic, I've googled it!). Just enough time to have almost forgotten about it (the necklace that is, not Raleigh), but nowhere near long enough to be worried that it wasn't going to get here...perfect combination.
I opened the postpack and saw...

I undid the bow and there was a lovely thank you from Tracy herself
...and then revealed in all its loveliness was the gorgeous necklace I spied on opening my very first etsy-finds email
I was mightily impressed,and so it seems were some of the lovely young things in my office...this is NOT my neck!
...so, thank you Tracy for such a painless first etsy experience. You should all head on over to photoglassworks and have a look at all the lovely things that Tracy has on offer...but leave some more for me please!