I woke up this morning and asked my husband for some advice. I said... "Honey, what do you think I should dedicate Mid-Century Monday to?" And he responded... " Do it on Angela Adams rugs... that's what I eventually want to buy for our living room." I was like... " Who's Angela Adams?" Well, I suppose for some design junkies out there, I've probably been living under a shameful rock. But, I honestly, did not know. So, I looked it up. Boy, did my hubby get some serious brownie points! Holy Moly, I almost died of excitement at the sight of these beautiful rugs! Absolutely awesome! I can't wait until we get one for our place! Yes!! : )
So, I browsed the Angela Adams website and found that they not only make rugs, but prints and trays and stuff and whoa! Beautiful!! I'll write more about their prints in an upcoming article. Stay tuned. For now, however, I hope you enjoyed the pics. Wishing all of you a fabulous week ahead!
Happy Decorating!

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