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What could I collect? Hmnn... I ask myself this all the time. My problem, however? I'm a compulsive seller. I really am. It's a problem. Everything that passes through my hands is easily taken from me for the right price. I know... sad. But, I suppose that's why I'm a vintage shop owner and not a vintage collector. Don't get me wrong now... I do have some vintage items that I wouldn't dare get rid of. But, I don't have a collection of anything in particular. I think vintage pieces look absolutely awesome as collections. At my shop I have a collection of vintage, mid-century alarm clocks and radios. They look fabulous! But, I don't have something like that in my home. So, I thought... I should start a collection of something. I want to. But what? Then I thought about cookware. It's functional art. I can use it (on special occasions) and admire its beauty... enamel cookware by Catherine Holm.
This mid-century cookware is colorful, fun, stylish and looks good in your kitchen or holding a plant in your living room. I love it! Unfortunately, I think I've caught on to these beauties too late. Because they now seem to go for a pretty penny. But, I bet I can find some of these in my little vintage escapades. : ) The problem now is actually keeping them and not putting a price tag on them at the shop! I need to go to compulsive sellers annonymous, I suspect. Darn! Either way... I hope you enjoyed these pics. I found them at a nifty little website called I hope you are all enjoying your Monday! The first Monday of the year 2010! Make it a good one and don't let a case of the Mondays get you!
Happy Decorating!

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