Mid-Century Style Art Work by Kerry Beary - $38

Mid-Century Table Lamp by DeluxaHome - $120

Knitted Cowl Cape by All Made With Love - $54

Danish Modern Chest of Drawers by Fabulous Mess - $295

Bohemian Sconce by BV - $25
I hope you enjoyed today's Etsy picks with earthy, mid-century style flair! Hopefully all of you are enjoying your Tuesday! I know, I know... Tuesdays typically stink. But, look at it on the bright side... one day closer to the weekend!! And, if you're from the Tampa Bay area... then you know it's one day closer to Gasparilla!! Some of you may be screaming... "Yeah!!" and others are scowling and going..." Blech!" I'm in the neutral category of "Eh..." So... I guess we just all deal differently with the drunkeness of what makes up the Gasparilla Day Parade in Tampa. Have a fabulous rest of your Tuesday you gorgeous people!
Happy Decorating!

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