Wise Guys Paper Collection by MiboStudio - $2.75

Vintage Owl Lamp by BrandEye - $32

Vintage Owl Transistor Radio by Pinguim - $48

Owl in Tree Wall Decal by PopWall - $145

Mr. Owl by Bohemian Vintage - $22
I picked up this little Mr. Owl this morning to sell at my shop and I thought... "Gosh! I love owls!" I know some of you may scoul at me and think that owls are "so last year!" But, I don't know. I think they're here to stay... at least for a little while longer. Or, at least I hope so! Cause I just can't get enough of them! : ) Now, there is such a thing as owl overload in your decor. So, please decorate with owls carefully! I've been to a place where every single thing was owls and it looked horrific! So, don't make that mistake. As with everything... moderation and taste are key. : ) With that being said... I had a hoot looking for these babies on etsy! Have a fab Tuesdays kiddies!
Happy Decorating!

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