Teacup Ring by SouZou Creations $8.50

Neck Cover Patterns by Elf518 - $13

Faucet Pillow Cover by CouCouSalut - $16

Handmade Vintage Blanket by BohemianVintage1 - $32

Bird Mug Set with Stand by HelloVictory - $38
F lorida has had freakishly cold weather the past week and a half and being the wimpy Floridian that I am, all I can think about is keeping warm. Brrrr!!! So, I centered today's etsy picks to items that remind me of warmth and winter. I hope you enjoy these babies! I especially love the neck cover patterns (unfortunately, I can't even begin to think on how to follow and complete a pattern) and the awesome bird mugs! Just awesome! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week thus far. Thankfully it warmed up just a bit today and my shop's heater got fixed. Let me tell you... cold weather and no working heater... NO FUN! : ( Yikes! It sucked. But, thankfully, it's all better now. : )
Happy Decorating!

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