I 'm having a love affair with plants today. I know... weird. But, I can't stop thinking about them. : ) You know how they say that you shouldn't be in a committed relationship until you've managed to keep a plant alive for over a year? Well, my saying and philosophy is that you can't have a bohemian abode without some plants in it. And, I'm talking real plants here, people! My favorites are succulents and terrariums of any kind. I love orchids too. But, it's ultimately your choice. Plants and floral arrangements look gorgeous as a single statement or as a large group. Trust me, nothing can add character to a room more. Now, I'll be honest... I am having a bit of an obsession lately with terrariums and have created a couple of them. So, at this point, I'd probably prefer terrariums over other plant displays. But, that's just me. What's your favorite?
Happy Decorating!

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