Aida Coronado is a bohemian, hippie chick who has a fabulous shop full of these super awesome Mexican boho dresses. You can find her stuff here or here. Personally, if I could wear one of these for each day of the week, I'd be totally set. I can't wait for summer to get here!! Granted, I live in Florida, so it's warm. But, then it's cool at night! So, my wardrobe is a bit schizophrenic right now. But, hopefully, soon enough I can wear some of these! They are comfortable, stylish and simply boho delish! Add a Mexican tooled leather hobo bag to the mix and some vintage jewelry and you are good to go! I'm actually drawing a lot of inspiration from these designs for my own apron designs. I'll be designing the patterns and having my designs embroidered onto aprons by professionals (because I know nothing about embroidering) and they'll be up for grabs at my shop! Can't wait!! I'll keep you all posted! Okay... so I got a bit off track there. Sorry. I hope you all have a fab rest of your day!
Happy Decorating!

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