T oday is my birthday and I wanted to post photographs of bohemianesque festivities. : ) If I could throw my own birthday party, I'd want it to look like this! Let's just say that! : ) Lot's of flowers, drinks, tents, silks, candles.... ahh..... : ) Who says it has to be a wedding to be a fabulous party?? So, what is my topic really about today? Bohemian party throwing, if you will. If you want to throw a party in the bohemian style, I would recommend lots of deep jeweled hues, candlelight (no flourescent lighting please), silk tents, flowers, mis-matched vintage chairs, exotic foods, exquisite scents, teas of different varieties.... oh boy. I could go on and on and on... I guess if I could pick the perfect spot for my birthday party, it would be an awesomely decorated gypsy caravan. Wow... turning 31 never sounded so good..... : ) Oh no! I just revealed my age! Oh well! Aging gracefully... that's what I'm trying to do.
Happy Decorating!

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