I went to an Indian wedding a few years ago and learned about the art of Henna. The bride in a Hindu wedding is adorned with this beautiful art as part of their bridal tradition. I was intrigued by the patterns and beautiful shapes that were hand drawn onto the brides hands and feet. It got me to thinking... couldn't Henna be translated into a decor scheme? I mean, why limit something so beautiful to only body art? I'm sure it could be brought out in your own, personal abode. Above you see photographs of how designers have incorporated the designs of Henna into pillows, wall decals and even a stair case! How awesome is that?!? Thank God that staircase is not in my house. Cause as distracted as I am, I'd surely end up hurt in some way, shape or form. I'm sure of it! But, I can handle pillows and wall decals. Although, I'd probably develop a case of insomnia admiring these beauties. : ) I hope everyone is having a fantastic "hump" day! And I mean that in the cleanest sense ever! Get your minds out of the gutter!! ; )
Happy Decorating!

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