1960s German Tourist Tray $28

1970s Picnic Set - $28

1960s-1970s Owl Towel Rack $25

1969s Fiberglass Lamp - $75

1970s Ballerina Ring Holder - $12.50
T hese are just a sampling of the items we've gotten into the shop for all of you. Of course, with the holidays just ending and my husband and I just recently returning home from our little vacation, we honestly haven't been out vintage hunting as much as we usually do! Shame on us, I know!! I miss it! So, I promise I will get back on my vintage kick pronto! Cause honestly, I've been kinda moody lately and I think it's due to vintage withdrawals. This needs to be remedied stat! Okay... enough with my therapy session! Until Monday kiddies!
Happy Decorating!

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