Pack your bags and journey with me to a wonderful land called Sparkles Plenty. Oooooo.... sounds divine, doesn't it? Well, you'll be glad to know that I did not make that up! There is such a wonderful little place and it's located at:
3215 G S. MacDill Ave.
Tampa, FL 33629
Can't make it to that side of town (or the world, for that matter), then check them out online here! Heck! You have some burning questions you need answered (like "what's the nearest intersection to your shop... I'm on my way"...) given them a call at (813) 831-7002!

My husband constantly pokes fun at me because I have the focusing ability of a gnat. I get so easily distracted that it's literally dangerous at times. I mean... I can't tell you how many times I've ran a red light because something more interesting caught my eye. I know... my husband should wear a hard hat at all times. Yes, I've heard this before. So, he always tells me that any "shiny object" will surely take my attention away from anything I'm doing. Everytime I change the subject on something, he'll jokingly say "shiny object! shiny object!" And, I always thought he was wrong... until I walked into this eye candy store in South Tampa! Holy Moly! Sparkles Plenty is right!!! Everywhere I turned there were sparklies to take my attention to! Colorful bracelets! Shiny necklace! Oh my God!!!! Vintage party purses!!! Ah! Heaven on Earth is not just a myth after all! Amazing!

Missy Purcell is the proud owner of this little gem (no punt intended). Her brother owns Tampa's widely known "Nicholson House." When Nicholson House moved locations, it had an extra amount of jewelry merchandise on hand and Missy saw this as an opportunity to branch out and open Sparkles Plenty --- dedicated to jewelry and accessories only. Missy says she wanted to create a place where "a woman can go to if she were looking for a particular color or style to match a dress or gown." She chose the shop's name because she wanted a name that accurately reflected what the shop sells-- and boy, did she nail that one!! It sparkles a ton! Check out the rest of the photos for your viewing pleasure... the rest of the interview is after the jumps!

Missy's favorite thing in the shop at the moment is the Swarovski crystal earrings. Her best selling item, however, a pair of earrings with a single crystal drop. Nice to know there are more restrained customers out there. I would want the earrings with a million stones and sparklies all over it... but that's just me. : )
I asked Missy what her biggest challenge as a business owner is and she replied what most have said up to this point -- "money." But, that does not stop Missy from enjoying and loving what she does. She says her biggest reward comes from meeting great new people and making life long friends.
I hope you all enjoyed today's post! Stay tuned for next Thursday's featured local shop -- Indigo Bee! A soap shop in the South Tampa area that is sure to please!! Until tomorrow kiddos!
Happy Decorating!

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