Because I do spend a crazy amount of time at my desk, having a good desk light is important to me. Mid-Century style lamps are a great choice for me because I tend to keep a lot of things (crap) on my desk and need something that is slim and won't take up too much room. Trust me, the less I can have on my desk the better. Example? As I am sitting here typing this, I'm forced to take a cold, hard, honest to goodness look at my desk space and... what do I see? Um... hmnnn.... a St. Terese statute (not kidding...), a candle, a St. Michael candle (not kidding, again...), 2 dumb bells, a picture of Audrey Hepburn... um... there's more, but I think I'll stop the humiliation here. So, if I'm going to add a desk lamp to the mix of weird items on my desk, I'd rather it be an un-assuming mid-century style lamp. Slim, stylish and fun. : ) Sounds like a plan!
Happy Decorating!
PS. Sorry again for the late post... I will be publishing Etsy Tuesday later on today!!! Stay tuned!!

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