t's tough having expensive taste. It really is. But, then again, it forces you to go out and find bargains. Sometimes you score the exact same product for a much lesser price and sometimes you score a product that's "good enough" and "close enough" to the one you want, for a much more attractive price.
That was defintetly the case with these Hmong bags. I first found them on etsy by Dazzling Lana. The one I want is $185. Yikes! Do you know how much cereal and milk I can buy for $185??? Holy Moly! Even if I could swing the $185, I just don't think I would do that. The last time I spent that much on a purse was about 5 years ago on a Coach bag and let me tell ya... that bag will go with me to my grave for what I paid for it! You can count on it!! Man! What was I thinking???? Oh well... you absolutely live and learn. Trust me. So, this time, I thought... "There is no way... as awesome as these bags are... that I'll spend that much." So! I went on an e-bay quest for the right bag at the right price. Ready? The first picture above is my bag! I admit... not quite as awesome as the other three. But... for $19.99 on E-Bay, it sure looks darn good to me!! : ) Yippee!!! I've linked the awesome bags to their etsy shop, because I still think they are ridiculously gorgeous and honestly, if I had the extra dough, I'd probably spit out the cash and get one. But, since I don't... my $19.99 bag, being shipped straight from Thailand, will do. : )
I love these bags because they have such a beautiful bohemian aesthetic. They are handmade by natives of Thailand and stem from a long term tradition. I hope you enjoyed the pics and get some of these beauties for yourself!!
Happy Decorating!

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