Can't you just picture a tall, skinny model modeling some vintage inspired threads for an Anthropologie catalog in here? When Anne, a customer of mine, came into my shop and hired me to re-decorate her living room, I was absolutely thrilled! I'd been to her abode once before picking up furniture for our shop. So, I'd been deliciously stunned at her gorgeous home!! I felt very flattered that she would want my help in doing her living room and I think it came out pretty awesome! : ) If I should say so myself... (nervous grin). : )
Anne's home is everything I think about when I think about Bohemian Vintage and bohemian style, in general. It's comfortable and packed with character. It's filled with vintage collections and rare & unique items found on the side of the road, at a flea market or at a quaint vintage shop. It's eclectic, fun and romantic. Anne's house has this amazing character and feeling. I just had to ask her for permission to photograph her home and feature her, so that I could share this treat with all of you. I hope you enjoy the pictures I took and gain some boho inspiration from them. By the way... the "dog" bed you see in the photos, was bought at our shop!! Isn't it awesome?? I loved that bed! I actually had it in my home for some time and the dogs took it over as well! : )
Happy Decorating!

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