I remember perusing the Anthropologie catalog about three years ago and seeing one of these lamps. I almost fell out of my chair in an attempt to run over to my laptop and check up on their price. Unlucky for me, they were retailing at $550. I'm sorry to report that they are still retailing at that price. Bummer, I know. So, like many of you, I certainly did not have $550 stashed in my money tree remains to run out to Anthro and purchase one of these beauties. What did I do, instead? I tucked it away into dream land and did some research on their designer. I somehow thought I might make contact with Flavia and get a good deal on one of these... eh... wrong. Oh well...
I discovered that their creator is Flavia Del Pra from Brazil. This amazing artist not only focuses on pottery, but creates in a variety of media. Check out her website for an amazing treat of eye candy!! They are unusual, artistic, petite and packed with personality. Perfect for an artist's studio or an eclectic decor. Rummage through the vast variety & you will not know which one to fall in love with!!
Time went by and my obsession grew to unsafe proportions. Thankfully for my sanity, I walked into Anthropologie about 2 years ago and discovered that they were getting rid of their floor sample Flavia lamp. "OMG!! My life will never be the same again", I thought! I dashed over to pick it up and check out the price tag... tum tum tum...... $148! Wow! No, I did not have $148 to spend on a lamp the size of my dog's head... but could I resist? No! The obsession was just to much to live with for the rest of my little life! So! I got it! The first picture above is of my studio at home. : ) Yes, I am the proud and insane owner of a Flavia lamp. But, you know what? I'm happily insane and that's all that matters. : )
Happy Decorating!

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