One of my weaknesses? Clothes. No... wait! Accessories... no... shoes...handbags? Oh my. ((confused smirk on face at the moment)). Imagine my little delight and contentment when I visited Sweet Emotion Boutique in South Tampa? You should see it for yourself. Seriously, no lie. Not even kidding. Check it out here! They are located at:
3215 S. MacDill Avenue
Tampa, FL 33629
Monica Stewart has brought fashion and style to South Tampa at very affordable prices-- Which, if you're from the area, you would know that this is an amazing treat!! She opened Sweet Emotion Boutique two and a half years ago when faced with continuing on to graduate school or simply opening up what had been a dream business of hers for some time. With a business degree in finance, marketing and fashion (okay... not the fashion part... but you could be easily fooled friends...), Monica was more than ready and perfect for the job.

I stepped into Sweet Emotion Boutique this past week and was a bit afraid. Why, you might ask? Because I have a clothing/accessories/handbag/shoes addiction and no funds to satisfy the craving. It's like putting a drug addict in Amsterdam. But... I was thrilled to see the price points Monica offers! I can totally afford this, I thought! But, then the dress I tried on didn't fit me (too big)... for the first time in my life I wished I weighed more... oh well.... Okay... on with the interview!!

Sweet Emotion offers an array of women's clothing and accessories. Monica's goal was to offer a boutique setting to young, working, professional women at a price point that wouldn't send them running toward the exit.

When I asked Monica what her favorite item in the shop was at the moment, she confidently said... "dresses"! I'm so happy she said that because I too LOVE dresses! Monica states that she "like(s) dresses that can do double duty...cute and casual in the day with a pair of flip flops and throw on a pair of sexy shoes and you're ready for dinner or cocktails!"

Now... enjoy the pictures. The rest of the interview is after the jumps!

Monica's best selling merchandise is dresses and jewelry. Which, judging by how awesome the choices are, I'm not surprised one bit. How amazing is that "bug" necklace, eh? Wow! I asked Monica where she gets her inspiration from and she said she gets it from stores like Anthropologie and others. She's a good observer of people while they are shopping and also follows her own instincts in what catches her eye upon entering a store. She then tries to replicate the same effect in her own shop.
Her biggest challenge? "All the decisions you have to make (marketing, ads, charity events, etc...) and money management." But, all this takes a back seat to the greatest rewards as a small business owner... her customers and how she can help in making their life just a bit better by putting them in a gorgeous new outfit that makes them feel great! Monica also commented on the fact that she's met some great people during this journey. She says she wouldn't dream of doing anything else. "It's a labor of love and I've grown so much! I have personal and creative freedom and that is HUGE to me!" I absolutely second that Monica!
Sweet Emotion does not currently offer online shopping. But, this is something Monica hopes to add to the business in the future. But, don't fret loyal blog readers! Jot down the address and make sure to stop in when you're in the Bay area. If you're already from around here... then what in the world are you waiting for?? Stop in today!
I loved doing this interview! It was fun and I even tried on a dress!! I never do that on interviews! So, just imagine my delight with Sweet Emotion's merchandise? Now it's your turn to try something on!
Happy Decorating!

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