South Tampa has joined the rest of the world in our effort to save Mother Earth, thanks to Jennifer Dutkowsky and her genius idea to open up the Why Not Boutique! Yeah Jen! The boutique opened it's doors on November 24, 2008. It is located at: 3217 A South MacDill Avenue; Tampa, FL 33629. Check out their website here! (Read more after the jump...)
Jennifer is a 27.65 year old (this is what she said... I swear!! ) young woman who decided to look outside the box and open up a green store in an area that hasn't quite joined "the movement" just yet. Jennifer went from having a B.A. degree in History and English from UMASS- Amherst, and a Masters Degree from Valdosta, to working with a large investment firm for a year and a half after graduate school. But, that would not be enough to make this fabulous gal truly a happy camper! She quit her job in the corporate world, to start her own business -- Why Not Boutique.

Why Not Boutique (WNB) currently sells items that, as Jennifer puts it, "falls into one of five categories... natural, organic, recycled, re-usable or fair trade.

Jennifer's goals for WNB are constantly evolving to become the most appealable to the consumer. She plans on reducing some of her clothing items and focusing more on bath and body products and handmade items/products by independent designers. All this goes back to her original goal and focus... to help and support the local economy, rather than a wholesaler in another state or country, for that matter!

When asked what her favorite product is, she said (as many of us shop owners do...) "I love everything!!" As I thought about it, I thought this wasn't a bright question to ask... since she's the one who picks what goes in there... duh! But, nonetheless.... here's the rest of the interview! : ) In all seriousness, however, Jennifer admits to loving the recycled items best. "It's amazing to me what people come up with by recycling."

WNB offers jewelry that is so fabulous and great to our earth! (rest of the interview after all the fabulous pictures... just browse them and indulge...)

Her best selling product? Envirosax re-usable bags. They are compact and functional, which is why most people prefer them to bags offered by big department stores, Jennifer adds. I asked Jennifer what her opinion is of the South Tampa green attitude... she says it's been "a bit slow to catch on, but I hope to help it get there someday."
Jennifer's favorite part of the job? "Meeting new people." Her least favorite? "Money management!" I think we are all there with you Jen!
I walked through WNB yesterday morning to snap these photographs and I was amazed at the amount of eye candy in this place! Simply amazing. Not only does WNB have a wonderful selection of green products, but it's displayed primarily on vintage pieces (which I love, of course!). Jennifer has a fantastic business savvy and a great eye for displaying and presenting her boutique to the customer. You will not be disappointed walking into this little gem! It is truly a treat and a nice little treasure in South Tampa! So, come on locals... stop in! For those of you out of town or out of the country, jot this place down and make sure to stop by if you come to the Bay Area!! Until next week kiddies!
We shall feature a new local business each Thursday!!
Happy Decorating!

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