M id-Century radios are such a cool piece of functional art. They come in a variety of colors and shapes and are packed with personality and character. I found some of these pictures on etsy. I've linked the picture to their shop in case you are interested in purchasing one of them. If they do not link to a shop that means they are sold or are for sale only at my physical shop for now. Anywho! Now that I've inserted the disclaimer... on with the blog post!!
As you all know, I am quite the fan of vintage rotary phones, clocks and typewriters. These radios are just an extension of my obsession with mid-century technology. I don't know what it is, but I just love the persona and charm that mid-century electronics had. They just don't make things like they used to anymore, don't you think? I think these radios would make a beautiful collection. Imagine them displayed in an Eames bookshelf or a Heywood Wakefield china cabinet. How unconventional... radios in the china cabinet! Love it!! Personally, I don't care if they work or not... I just love how they look. (My husband would seriously disagree with me on this one). But, let's face it... if I'm going to listen to the radio it would probably be the XM Radio on AOL or while driving. These guys? I just want to look at, admire and smile at. That's all. : ) Now... enjoy your week! I know, I know... we just got off a mini-vacation and you probably are dreading getting on with your week back in the "real world." But, look at it on the bright side... it's just a week closer to a second mini-vacation-- Christmas holidays! Until tomorrow fellow blog readers!

Happy Decorating!

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