I admit, I'm no Wolfgang Puck in the kitchen. Now, that being said, I absolutely love kitchen stuff. I could seriously get lost at Williams-Sonoma for hours looking at all the little gadgets and wondering what the heck they're for. But, then again, I tend to oooo and ahhhh over things based on their color and how cool they look... not on whether or not they work or what their actual use is (that's my husband's job). : ) Kitchen canisters are one of those things that I love. They're functional art if you ask me. It's a wonderful way to add a splash of color and a vibe of pure fun to your kitchen. My one pet peeve with these? I don't ever use flour and I don't like tea... so I always end up with two canisters that I do not use. Hmnnn.... solution? Re-purpose them!! Put some fresh flowers in them or turn them into plant pots? See? There is no reason why you can't have these guys!! I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend and have a blessed and safe Monday, as we start out our Thanksgiving day week (that is, for those of us in the States). I will write tomorrow and have some awesome etsy finds for you. Now... where did I put that flour canister??? ((frantically searching!!))
Happy Decorating!

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