Wow, I'm finally back!
Its taken a few days to recover from the market. Not that I was exhausted so much, but getting my house back in order again! Yikes!!! Never mind the amount of things I put off last week that are now catching up to me this week. Thankfully, I can say that we still had a great time:)
As usual, there was an array of amazing objects everywhere. When I arrived early Sunday morning, I made the decision to only allow myself to buy things after I had sold some of my own. Also, I couldn't spend more than I made. That would not have gone over well with Mark, trust me.
The funny thing about the market is that now its a place to catch up w/ friends and acquaintances. I had a chance to run into fellow bloggers, favorite shop owners, and readers! It was great fun. Above, are photos of Cheryl Schulke's (Stash Studios) amazing handmade bags. They really more awesome than a photo can capture. As the bloggers who stopped by to show some love, I want to say thanks to the ladies of La Dolce Vita, What Would Jane Austen Do?, and Under A Paper Moon. I'm not forgetting anyone, am I? After a while, Sunday became a bit of a blur. Even my tireless 4 year old had to take an occasional break!

I had the amazing pleasure of sharing my space with several wonderful (and much better prepared) ladies. (Except I don't know blond lady in the middle. Oh well, it was like a big ole' party) Maura (on the right) thanks for all your help, and Mark said, "Thanks for the wine!"

I love the idea of an "Industrial Christmas!"
Don't ask me what these wire bowl type things are for, but I do love their shape.

Cool or creepy? Haven't quite decided yet.

I even had a chance to hang out with Mary of The Fabulous Flea. Some of you may remember and article I wrote about her shop here. P.S. if you want to see more of her amazing finds, The Fab Flea will be open tomorrow; (11/12) so check it out.
Finally, I want to thank all of you readers who stopped by and introduced yourselves. Its such a pleasure to meet you and I'm so grateful to know that you regularly take the time to read this blog:)