P eople ask me all the time "What is Bohemian Vintage?" I think that the best way to respond to them is by showing them. I perused the world wide web this morning for photographs that reminded me of what inspired the name of my shop. They are colorful pictures filled with meaning and that is what I aspire my shop to be. Bohemian is really just a lifestyle, not a particular look, per se. It's a lifestyle of art, passion for life and inspiration... whatever it may be for that particular individual. That's why it's such a fantastic way to decorate, because anything goes! Well.... almost anything. Don't put a painting of a beach scene in a room filled with cowhide and cowboy boots. It has to flow... but if you put together all of the things you enjoy and love, you will tend to gravitate toward a very specific look. You may feel like a schizophrenic while you're doing it... but, trust me... you'll end up with a very eclectic and cool space. Find your inspiration today and follow it. You will not be disappointed.
Happy Decorating!

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