while back I sold my vintage, black rotary phone and I could seriously beat myself up for that for days! I could not get over the fact that I sold my beloved phone! What was I thinking? But, just last week I found a suitable replacement on etsy and was absolutely thrilled! I got it in my mailbox last night and I am feeling giddy and happy and excited and fuzzy and.... well... okay. You get the picture. So! I was inspired by my little phone to do today's post on rotary phones. A bohemian lifestyle and mentality is all about recycling, re-using, re-purposing and reviving the old fashioned into the new thing to do or have! We're trendsetters! Am I right? Am I right? Who's with me? Yep... we are. Look around you! Boho minded folks have always lived with old suitcases in their houses, vintage furnishings and retro, rotary phones. Let's face it. They don't succumb to the technology advances of their day (unless it helps them to get their bohemian inspired ideas out there... ahem). So, yesterday I was perusing the Anthropologie website to see what they're up to over at one of my favorite hang outs. Notice I didn't say "one of my favorite stores," just "hang out." I go there to be inspired... not to buy. So... what do they have on their website's front page? Rotary phones!!! Yep, they're joining the rest of the bohemian world and are now selling these beauties! Ha! I thought... they're spying on my website!!! Enjoy the pictures.
Happy Decorating!