Three house tours in three days. This past weekend I spent 'camping' with some friends in Western Pennsylvania on the grounds of Fallingwater.
We also visited nearby Kentuck Knob, another Frank Lloyd Wright house, which was totally amazing! Seen here is Cucumber Falls, a really charming waterfall near the two houses.Having roots from the area may bias me, but I think Western Pennsylvania in the fall is the most beautiful place on earth. Above, a charming church in Ohiopyle.
We spent another day exploring my hometown, Pittsburgh: The original Frick mansion, Clayton house and my old stomping grounds while in college.The field behind our house was a meadow filled with wildflowers and views over the surrounding hills. Each night we had these amazing sunsets which I tried to capture here in photographs to no avail.I say 'cabin' loosely, it was actually a house from the 1960s which used to belong to the lawyers of the Kaufmann Family.
Look forward to some posts on these amazing places in the upcoming weeks!