Sam a musician shares a house in Battersea. His room is a perfect example as to why I started to record bedrooms. With space at a premium, he utilises, what appears to be every square inch. His room is multi functional, not just a place to sleep but also the space he uses to create music. It may look busy but it also feels very comfortable and warm.

I asked Sam… “If your bedroom was on fire, what one item would you save?”…
Sam – The Harptone guitar, without hesitation.  A folk musician called John Tams loaned it to me about ten years ago. It has helped me massively with my music writing and without doubt, it’s irreplaceable. One of it’s kind; it was made in New Jersey in 1973. In fact, I have only ever seen one other musician play a Harptone, and that was George Harrison, at The Concert for Bangladesh. It’s been that well used I have had the inside reinforced twice. I keep asking John if he wants it back, but all he says is, “If you’re still using it, keep hold of it."