Blue and Pink Bedroom Furniture

blue and white modern bedroom

Blue bedroom decorating ideas

Fun blue bedroom with both lucite side table and table lamp. Love the yellow foo dogs.

(Image via All Modern)

Blue and Pink Bedroom

These pictures has been laying around on my computer for a while now, and I think they are too cute not to share.

gray blue and pink with white bed bedroom pillows

pink bedroom designs and bedroom pillows

White upholstered bed with pink accent pillows. I think the two mirrors on either side of the bed is perfect for this look! Classic romantic and sleek modern all in one!

Bedroom pillows

gray blue and pink bedroom with white furniture liberator bedroom adventure gear

liberator bedroom adventure gear

Classic bedroom furniture

luxury bedroom

White nightstands with white table lamp.

gray blue bedroom with pink curtains design your own bedroom

design your own bedroom

Between two tall slim windows is a white console table in front of a huge framed picture. Do you think the room is built around this picture, or did the owner get really lucky finding this picture?

silver gray and blue turquoise blue bedroom blue bedroom desian ideas

blue bedroom desian ideas

Great Interior designs - Living rooms, bedrooms

Serene master bedroom with pearl gray walls and sky blue ceiling.

silver gray and blue master bedroom bedroom carpet

The bedroom carpet is divine!

blue upholstered headboard contemporary bedroom furniture

contemporary bedroom furniture

This bed looks pretty wide, it even has three rows of pillows. The turquoise padded headboard is nice, I wonder if that is doable for the non-professional upholsterer?

light blue romantic style desk bedroom color schemes
bedroom color schemes

Bedroom wall color ideas - bedroom colors

BedSheet - Bedroom designs

Children's bedroom furniture Ideas

The antique looking desk is blue with gold details. So pretty.

light blue and white divan

The pearl gray velvet divan fits in perfectly with its light blue frame.

The bedroom is completed with a silver framed bar cart.

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