Aphrodite works in Music PR and lives with her sister in Hackney. Where do I begin, so much stuff, so little time. Her room is crammed to the rafters with all manner of clothes, accessories and good ole fashioned girly stuff. “A walk in wardrobe, with a bed in it.” as Aphrodite likes to call it. I loved it. And, although it looks mega busy, it truly does feel in order.

I asked Aphrodite… “If your bedroom was on fire, what one item would you save?”…
She said - I would not leave behind, Miss Perfect Proportions and my Nurofen Express. The first has kept me company since I started being serious about art at 10. I know her body better than anyone’s – life long companion. She reminds me of my imperfections. The second is another long time friend and the worst enemy of my regular chronic migraines. I’d go insane without them.