Hey, I'm finally back! Yesterday was a complicated day for this blogger. First, I couldn't post pictures. I'm pretty sure it was a Blogger problem, but I'm not certain. Second, when I was finally able to post photos, I couldn't find the sites I needed to link too! I sat looking through my computer for almost two hours, searching and searching! I finally gave up in disgust and thought, "I'm going to have to start over in the morning". So this morning, as I looked at the photos again, I couldn't bring myself to delete them. So here is the dilemma. I know its protocal to always give sources and links, but could y'all forgive me for not sharing these with you? I mean come on!

So, I'm throwing myself at the mercy of the blogosphere that I may be forgiven for posting these without credit.
I really racked my brain to remember where they came from. All I remember is that this is a restaurant in Hong Kong...it blows me away! Soooo gorgeous!

Well, I hope you enjoy these. If anyone has an idea of their source, please let me know. Now, on with your Thursday:)