I interupt these Paris posts to bring you a disturbing little problem I came across recently in a popular local restaurant & bar. These large urn lamps (probably 5' tall) flank a banquet. The space itself is wonderful -however....those lampshades.....
Thats the lampshade you put in a stylish restaurant .... on THAT lamp? Seriously?
A. The color matched nothing in the space.
B. These are your grandmas 1940s sad lampshades that MIGHT work on another lamp beautifully -just not these.
C. They are not only the wrong style, they are wrong in shape, form & scale.
How could they get it so wrong? I could see 2 styles of lampshades working here well: either a triangular shade (think 1980s or chinese hat) or a very large drum shade. What do you think -am I wrong here? Am I missing something? This ruined my meal!