A few weeks ago, I wrote about my current love of blue. I also asked what colors some of you were inspired by and got several great responses. Ms. Joni of Cote de Texas mentioned loving white, and I got to thinking about how much I love white too. Years ago, I wouldn't be caught dead with almost anything white; but now I can't get enough!
I find as my life gets more hectic and with more demands placed on me, I love the quietness and simplicity of white. When used in decor, white offers room to breathe. It lightens up any space.
Here is a wonderful example! White stones, stucco, and whitewashed woods blend beautifully with soft paint and floor colors. Its like a little piece of heaven:)

I'm not certain if this floor is slate or stained concrete, but I love its warm depth and patina. Pairing it with white walls and furniture shows that white can be warm, exciting, and beautiful.