I am lucky enough to live across from one of my favorite buildings in the city -the National City Christian Church. Designed by prominent architect John Russell Pope in Neoclassical style, the central block which contains the sanctuary was completed in 1930.
night view from my roof deck
Because of the great depression, construction of the side wings which house a shelter and sunday school rooms was not complete till the 1950s. The church has led an important roll in the city through the years. In 1973 the state funeral of Lyndon Johnson was held here. Also, for years the church has had an impact on the musical life of the city both through daily concerts at noon and a weekly radio broadcast of its famous organ.
At night it's an impressive site, all of that white stone lit up, standing proudly on Thomas Circle. I'm always proud to see tourists snapping pictures! The shelter is entered from the side through a quiet, gated courtyard.
Beside the gate is this unusual baptistery. It has a ring of a neoclassical shell which matches the church around a brick core with stained glass. I wonder what the story behind that is!Even from a distance it is hard not to notice! In fact, it's one of the things that drew me to this neighborhood in the first place.