Chateau Miromesnil is known for it's architectural beauty but also the wooded country in which it sits and its vegetable gardens (seen below). It has also been home to some famous characters. The famous author Guy de Maupassant was born in the chateau in 1850 while his parents rented it for 3 years.
Earlier the chateau had been home to Armand-Thomas Hue de Miromesnil. Armand was made a Knight of the Holy Spirit Order by King Louis XVI and later tried to defend the King at his trial during the revolution. He also abolished the use of torture for those who were imprisoned for supposed crimes. He died here in 1792 and left his fortune to the peasants of his estate.Of course the chateau has its own private chapel, as most ancient estates do. Solid and square -don't you think?
The chateau also acts as a bed and breakfast with very reasonable rates! Can you even imagine staying here? Heaven!
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