If you're wondering, yes; this is a re-post. I've never done this before, but I just wanted thank all of you for your comments. It reminds me of one my favorite things about blogging, kinship. So many of you mentioned cutting out pictures and ideas and then cataloging them in some manner. I didn't mention this in my original article (See Below), but that is something I do too. Now I say I do it for "my work", but lets face it. I also do it for fun, just like I have been doing since I was 10 or 11 years old. Sometimes I think I should outgrow that habit but haven't yet. I just love hearing from all of you who love saving all those pretty pictures for as long as possible. So again, thanks everyone:)



As I continue my efforts to renew inspiration, I decided to clear out mental and physical clutter. Last week, I attacked my closet and this weekend I attacked my magazine stash (gasp!)
I clear out old issues once or twice a year, but its usually only a handful. This time, I decided to be ruthless!! It wasn't easy, but I made a big dent. Now, I would like to say I got rid of half of my magazines, but that would be exaggerating. I can say I cleared out about 1/3 of the stash. I'm quite proud of myself! Now don't worry, I did drag all the mags to recycling. Lucky for me I had a very strong assistant:)
(Note: No back issues of Domino were harmed during this process)