Where has the inspiration gone lately? I woke up one morning with a creative block so thick that it has had me at a loss for anything to say. I'm not sure what's going on, its very frustrating! Maybe its too hot outside and my brain melted, or maybe its so overrun with ideas that it finally wore out.
To try and remedy this problem, I have set out on a quest. I want to find where inspiration comes from! What do creative people do to jumpstart their imaginations? Is inspiration a sort of mystical force that falls upon us, or does it come from working and being forced to make on the spot decisions? In other words, is inspiration a blessing from God, or does God expect us to do our homework and inspire ourselves? Maybe it comes from a place or a person that serves as a muse. I'm not really sure, these are the kinds of things I want to figure out...or at least try;)
For today, I thought I would start the journey with looking at a few things that inspire others. I hopped over to The Selby, because I love the unusual homes and objects it features. Selby is such a cool site for many reasons, but my favorite feature is the attention it pays to little details in each house. You know we all keep little objects around that would mean nothing to someone else, but mean the world to us.
I really love the office of George Gorrow. He is the creative director of an Australian fashion house called Ksubi. Random objects cleverly put together, give this space so much character. One detail I love is the collection of sunglasses. Gorrow designs sunglasses and so surrounds himself w/ this amazing collection. This brings up a reliable source of inspiration. Studying and admiring those who have gone before you. What were those talented people thinking? How did they come to the final product? As they say, you have to start with the basics. When I was a kid I never understood why I had to learn what others had done. I wanted to do my own thing, so why did it matter? Now, I understand that starting from the beginning gives me the tools I need to really build something new. (Learning the importance of tools is also a sign of having been married to an engineer for a while).
So this is my first quick stop on my journey. I hope its not one that is too aimless. I'm flying by the seat of my pants on this, so I hope all of you are interested in flying with me. BTW, any input about finding the source of inspiration would be greatly appreciated!
My rusty brain and I are off!